Contest Rules


Must be at least 18 years of age to enter contest.

Free to enter.

Submissions must occur within the United States.

Must be a resident of United States.

Unlimited submissions per user.

Only one category is assigned to each video submission.

Each video submission is only eligible for one prize.

The winner is the video submission with the greatest number of likes within the Coinbuk system.

No sexual, violent, threatening, harassing or any video content that Coinbuk deems to be unacceptable.

Coinbuk can remove any video submission for any reason without notice.

Coinbuk can void any video submission for any reason without notice.

A user can be banned for what Coinbuk determines to be egregious acts. 

The rules can be updated at any time.

The content may contain vulgar language, sexual suggestive content, or offensive content. Coinbuk has the right at Coinbuk's own discretion at any time to remove the submitted video without providing any compensation to the submitter.




For any videos within the same category that have the same number of likes at the conclusion of the contest will be considered a tie and governed by these rules:

1) The winner is declared based on the user sumitting the most total number of videos during the contest.

If a tie is still declared

2) The winner is declared based upon the user with the most categories that contain the most number number of videos submitted by the user.  

If a tie is still declared:

Coinbuk will pick a winner.