About Us

We were established in 2017 and as the time progressed, we noticed a desire for people to share their passion with others. In many situations this content is shared without any compensation and yet the video content is high-quality.


We are here to turn passions into paying careers. We allow users to submit short live videos that are a passion of the user and those videos are rated by the Coinbuk community. Based upon the videos the user can win cash prizes or contractual employment from Coinbuk.


Passions come in all shapes and forms. A passion could be cooking a meal, reporting the news, talk show host, comedian, artist, advisor, etc. We recognize that many of people pursue jobs because they pay the bills but are unable to pursue paying careers that are related to their passion. We provide a place where those passions can be judged and a chance of recognition through cash prize or contractual employment is possible.